Ninotchka Jewelry

Handcrafted Jewelry by Nina FLebbe


My name is Nina Flebbe I am metalsmith, a wife and a work from home mother to the most amazing little girl. The name Ninotchka comes from a nickname my uncle Ozzi gave me as a kid. He has called me that for as long as I can remember. It is also the name of a great Greta Garbo film from the 40's. 


I have had a number of hobbies/careers like waitress, sales, graphic designer, production designer, set dresser and a shopper for TV commercials. Being a metalsmith has always been in the back of my mind. I have now found my passion and what I hope to continue to do far a very long time.


I grew up in Colorado in the 70's surrounded by the Mountains and Turquoise and still have a love for both. Now I live in Long Beach, CA and love to travel to get inspiration for my jewelry line.